Through Thoughtufl Investment in Our Schools and Children, Together We Can Build a Brighter Future for Franklin County

Investment decisions involve two considerations:  how much to invest and how to invest it.  Often, when it comes to investing in public education, the conversation focuses exclusively on the first question while neglecting the equally important question of how best to utilize school funds to improve student achievement. Unfortunately, the reverse is also often true.  Politicians and policymakers will advocate various reforms in the name of improving student achievement but will fail to provide the funding necessary to ensure effective implementation of the reforms and maximize their impact on student achievement.  Thoughtful investment in public education requires answers to both questions.    

Adam believes that public education is the most important function of local government and that the Franklin County Commission should view providing adequate funding for public schools as its highest priority.  Adam also believes, however, that it is the role of the Franklin County School Board to see that all funds allocated to the school system are spent wisely and in a manner that maximizes the return on investment.  This return should be measured in terms of a program's or policy's effect on student achievement and on the overall cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of children.

Of course, the questions of how much to invest in public education and how to invest it become all the more critical in times of fiscal restraint, as decisions about how much to spend on education cannot be made in a vacuum.  Elected officials must take into account other considerations such as ensuring that our community has adequate law enforcement and well-maintained roads.  Striking this balance requires fiscal accountability on the part of community and school leaders.  It also requires strategic thinking and long-range planning.  Most importantly, it requires that we--the residents of Franklin County-- engage in an honest conversation about the importance of high-quality public schools relative to the other pressing concerns facing our community.  Adam is eager to engage in this conversation and is uniquely qualified--both in terms of experience and demeanor--to see that the money we as a community devote to public education is invested in a principled, pragmatic, and thoughtful manner.

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adam tucker 

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