adam tucker 

for franklin county school board, district 5

Tucker Runs for School Board 

The Sewanee Mountain Messenger (July 3, 2014)

To the Editor:

Among the most hotly debated issues in education right now are the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by the Tennessee Board of Education as a way of setting forth expectations for student learning.  While they do not dictate curriculum or mandate specific teaching methods, they raise legitimate concerns about the role of assessment and the autonomy of teachers in local schools.

It is important to voice these concerns but also to remember that local school systems cannot choose whether or not to implement the Standards:  they must do so. The Standards need not, however, hinder our teachers or our children. We can implement Common Core effectively through collaborative problem-solving, building new alliances and opening new channels of dialogue among educators, administrators, parents, and pupils.

At the local level, we should not ask, “Is Common Core bad news?” or “How can it be stopped?” Instead, let us ask: How can we recognize teaching
excellence while promoting creativity and innovation in our classrooms?  How might we invest more boldly and strategically in public education? How can we strengthen opportunities for teachers’ professional development and give them a voice in how they are evaluated?  And how can we challenge students while also providing academic and other support services to those most in need?

How would you answer these questions? You can find some of my answers, as well as information about my campaign, here:  Please share your thoughts:

Adam Tucker

Candidate for Franklin County School Board, District 5